LRA: Men In Black 3 - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: 15 years ago there was this little movie called Men In Black. It starred a renowned veteran actor in one of his very first comedic roles and a young upstart who was coming off a hit television series and the previous years big summer blockbuster hit, Independence Day. To say that first film was a surprise success would be somewhat of an understatement, but now it seems kind of silly to think no one expected that movie to be as huge as it ended up being. It was smartly scripted, had a fun cast and a premise that was silly and extremely entertaining. I still remember going to see it in the theater expecting just some fun little romp with aliens and some neat effects and maybe a couple of laughs. But I was just blown away by its unique and just generally bizarre world, it was just so rich with unique touches throughout its clever premise. Both Smith and Lee were at the top of their game and played off each other perfectly, it was funny as hell, had great effects, a superb score by Danny Elfman and seemed poised to be the next big franchise. Then Men In Black 2 came out and ruined all of that forward momentum. Fast forward ten years later and we find ourselves faced with a third installment that nobody seemed to be expecting, let alone actually wanting.

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