'Dark Knight Rises' Actors Keep Things Under Wraps
While reporters were invited to the set of the upcoming finale to Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, the cast shared some experiences but were mum about the plot and their characters. asked Tom Hardy, who plays Bane, about his voice in the film. He replied, "I can't say anything about him. I really can't say anything."

Hardy did share that the production feels intimate, although it is grand-scale. "There's a distinct lack of ego when you work with Chris. It's wonderful. So everybody plays to that environment which is very intimate. So it doesn't feel like such a big-- overwhelmingly big-- experience. Which it is...when we did Warrior, there was about 1,500 extras. And I think there's about 11,000 people out there."

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alycakes2181d ago

Well, it wouldn't be any fun if they spilled all the story.

hilyou2173d ago

Yeah. That's true. But Joey King spoiled that she's going to play Talia. Nolan must have been PISSED!