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Jeremy of We Got This Covered wrote, "Back in 2000 Todd Phillips (The Hangover) directed Road Trip, a comedy that worked in its day and age, but hasn’t held up after the years. Revisiting it now brings up some small memories, with a few chuckles, but essentially Road Trip is just another comedy from the past that should probably stay in the past."

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HenderShot2181d ago

I remember seeing this when it came out. Funny movie.

wishingW3L2181d ago

This movie man, I always wanted to do something like that with my friends but reality is so boring. It's hard to find fun people that know how to make a balance between having fun and taking life seriously. Most of them are only 24 years old and already have wife, kids and stuff. Way to throw your youth away... I mean, you have an entire life for wife and kids (the average people live until their 80's) but you're only considered young until the mid 30's. This is the period when you have enough money and energy to do some real crazy stuff....