3 Actual Scottish Actors Who Would Make Excellent Highlanders

From TMP:

Last week, word came out that the studios behind the Highlander remake were wanting Ryan Reynolds to play the lead role of Connor MacLeod. This didn't sit too well with me as I feel there are other actors (ones who are actually Scottish too) who would be far better suited to the role of the immortal bad ass.

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darklordzor2190d ago

Conversely, and strangely enough, I think these 3 would also be excellent for the role of the Kurgan. Odd...

MastaMold2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

"There can only be one"

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gaffyh2188d ago

WHA!!? When was a Highlander Remake announced?? I've been wanting one for years, but never thought it'd actually happen. Gerard Butler would be best for the role imo, he has the best voice for it.

darklordzor2188d ago

They've been kicking it around for a few years, with Justin Lin attached, but then he left the project. Several months ago they announced Juan Fresnadillo was the new director, and it looks like they're starting to finally move forward on it.

darklordzor2188d ago

If I had to pick only one...It'd be Ewan McGregor. He's a great actor, and honestly, the more I think about it, the more I want Gerard Butler as the Kurgan.

Lord_Sloth2188d ago

I agree with LordZor. Ewan for Connor and Butler for the Krugan.

Wouldn't it be great if they got Lambert to play as Ramirez?

hazelamy2188d ago

McGregor would be great, he's a good actor, and star wars showed he can do the sword fighting stuff with the right training.

Ray Park is a great martial artist, but has he got what it takes for the lead role in a movie like this.

i'd like to see him given a proper chance to do some actual acting as well as the martial arts though.
maybe he'd make a good villain.

just let him speak and don't dub over his voice with some other actor.

Butler could definitely do the role justice in the acting stakes, but can he handle the swordfighting.
i mean proper one on one swordfighting, not like the fights in 300.

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