G.I. Joe Retaliation: ReShoots Confirmed, Rumors Joseph Gordon-Levitt Return As Cobra Commander


The devastating news yesterday baffled many G.I. Joe faithful but hopefully this latest update can ease some of the pain. It looks as if the 3D won't simply be a post conversion.

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darklordzor2220d ago

Honestly, I've now lost just about all interest in this film. The trailers surprisingly had gotten me interested in this film (despite my frustration with the first movie), but this delayed has now killed all that good will.

Crazay2220d ago

I dunno man. I think it may be good for the movie. I also suspect that they've decided there's just too much in the way of dominating movies in the theaters this summer to bother trying to compete with. Would you want to try and compete with The Avengers, Spider-Man or The Dark Knight Rises if you were trying to get people to come out and see what you hope will become a long running franchise?

It would only be seen as a monumental failure if it were to have trouble trying to capture what the lowest grossing movies from that above list makes.

Soldierone2219d ago

My issue with this is they saw it coming pretty much last year. Before this movie was even announced for this date we had Spider-Man set in stone, Avengers was pushed to its date, and Batman was scheduled for this summer. They decided to be tough and put their movie right in the middle, next to two massive hitters and the most anticipated movie of the summer.

Why not release it earlier this year? The most they had to compete with was John Carter. Why not release it in August when Spider-Man and Batman are on their way out? Why not any other part of the year when these movies are hitting DVD?

The excuse is kinda lame because they pushed it back to the same time Superman is already scheduled....

Soldierone2219d ago

This didn't help AT ALL. So you are telling me their will now be scenes where something randomly flies towards the screen in slow motion? I have no interest in 3D at all, adding in scenes for that is just stupid. Was so hyped for this movie, was telling people to go watch it, and now I look stupid for doing so. They will be lucky if I even go see it now.....and if I do I can tell you right now it won't be in 3D....

Such a horrible.....horrible decision. The theaters here even had massive advertisements for it an everything, how could they eff this up this bad?

HenderShot2218d ago

I feel like this is going to bite them in the ass. This is such a bad decision and everything done up to this point is a waste of money because of this.