LRA: Battleship - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: It has finally happened. Many thought with all the reboots, re-imaginings, requels, sequels and adaptations coming out of Hollywood that it had truly run out of original ideas. But it is this, a movie based off a board game, a board game that has no story, no characters, no mythology and no real point to it other than sinking another player's ship, this is where the line in the sand is drawn. Making a big budget summer movie out of Hasbro's table top strategy board game is the final nail in the coffin, every last ounce of originality has officially been sucked out of Hollywood. Why else would a movie like this get greenlit let alone budgeted as a summer blockbuster? If we aren't careful, these silly internet concoctions could become a reality as well. What happens when the well runs dry on those though? Will we then get the highly anticipated big screen adaptation of the card game UNO?! I really hope that doesn't happen, but then again we do have a movie called Battleship now don't we? So, with that being said, I am betting that anyone reading this is thinking I am about to rip this movie to pieces and they would be right...mostly. But here's the amazing thing about Battleship, while highly flawed and completely unnecessary, it isn't as horrible as you might be expecting.

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