IGN Review - House: "Everybody Dies"

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't seen the final episode of House, please watch before reading this review. Full episode spoilers follow.

One of the most difficult things in television is to deliver a series finale that summarizes the message of an entire show, ties up loose ends, and gives a satisfying conclusion to the folks who have poured hundreds of hours of their lives into following the story. With that much pressure on a single episode, it's no wonder that many series finales are often divisive or mediocre.

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alycakes2219d ago

This was a fitting departure for the show. I really liked the way they decided to end the series.

reznik_zerosum2217d ago

people say show went from good to mediocre/bizarre and finally in 100% crapfest,any truth in that ?

John Kratos2217d ago

Kind of, to me the show was awesome till Season 5, then it was good during season 6, and then 7 and 8 were really bad. I think they should of ended the series at season 6.