Five Sexiest Shows on TV Right Now

Arcee "Call girls, masseuse clients, gratuitous sex scenes with vampires, pixies, depraved girls and fantasy epic kings, queens and dwarves… the amount of sex on these popular shows is enough to leave a person tired from just watching. Sometimes I even want to try some of these things in real life."

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Lord_Sloth2190d ago

Saw the picture and I agree. I don't care what else you posted up, cuz I agree with Game of Thrones.

HenderShot2190d ago

Looks like I have new shows to watch...

chukamachine2190d ago

Games of thrones despite being sexy in places is an excellent series.

Best i've seen for some time.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32190d ago

GoT is an excellent series but sometimes the sexiness can get a little ridiculous - its borderline softcore porn in some places. Which is too bad really because there is not that much emphasis on sex in the book and watching a whore get cum wiped off her face just makes the series less approachable.