First Trailer For Anchorman: The Legend Continues

The first teaser trailer for Paramount's Anchorman: The Legend Continues has arrived online.

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ilikestuff1802d ago

not available in my country?!?!?! I'm in the u.s. and ron hails from san diego which of course means a whales vagina.

HenderShot1801d ago

I know right? The irony. D:

darklordzor1802d ago

Can't freaking wait for this movie. I loved the first one and all of it's goofiness, and hope this one doesn't go too over the top with it.

GamerSciz1801d ago

Here is the teaser for your viewing pleasure...


crxss1801d ago

Thanks a lot. Was actually expecting footage from the film, still a pretty awesome teaser

Hufandpuf1801d ago

Steve Carrel "And now it's my turn to talk..." LOL

Soldierone1801d ago

Not available here.....awesome lol

DarkBlood1801d ago

you cant see it? im from canada so i shouldnt be able to see it either since we are not that different in terms of viewing stuff on the internet

Soldierone1801d ago

Nope, says it isn't allowed to be viewed in my country.

DarkBlood1801d ago

eh youtube will solve your problem :P