Sandra Bullock & Melissa McCarthy To Star In Buddy FBI/Cop Movie Directed By Paul Feig

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Much was made abundantly clear after the runaway smash success of "Bridemaids" last summer, perhaps the central two points being audiences of all shapes and sizes will flock in droves to female-lead comedies if they're genuinely funny (not always the case), and Kristen Wiig is a bonafide star that can lead her own feature. But "Bridesmaids" was a success so full its cup runneth over allowing the supporting cast and its creators to also shine. Comedianne Melissa McCarthy stole most of the show and earned a supporting Oscar nomination for her hilarious efforts. Meanwhile, "Bridesmaids" director Paul Feig -- the creator of the defunct, but influential and beloved TV show "Freaks & Geeks" -- finally scored a good feature film opportunity and made the most of it.

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alycakes2225d ago

I like both these ladies...both can make me laugh so I'm glad they will get together on a movie.