Developing 'Justice League of America' the Movie – Learning from The Avengers

What made The Avengers work and what DC Comics needs to do to ensure that it produces an equally successful Justice League of America movie – which would potentially feature Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and at least four other DC Comics heroes.

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cbclerk2224d ago

Some really good points here... WB screwed the pooch in their strategy..

NewMonday2223d ago

my take:

- the Bale Batman is to serious for this, for JL he needs a re-boot after the Nolan trilogy is over

- it is possible to tie the JL to the current GL and Superman movies if they don't contradict each other

- start with just the top 5, Superman, Batman,GL,Flash and WW.

- start with a bang, Darkside is the Villain

krazykombatant2223d ago

Not the biggest advocate of Marvel movies, mostly because I didn't like the Iron man movies, but the last hulk, thor and cap. america were good steps in the right directions, I don't see how bringing about batman in the JL is going to be good. Green lantern movie absolutely abomination. Hopefully the man of steel movie will be good.

tarbis2223d ago

Batman is set to reboot after Dark Knight Rises and is set to be one of the flagship towards JL movie. Superman is already on it's way next year.
Green Lantern needs to be rebooted. I don't know how WB can accept such a terrible storyline. The beginning was going good then it went downhill.
What we need now are Wonder Woman and Flash movies. Martian Manhunter and Aquaman can be introduced in JL movie later.

smashcrashbash2223d ago

No offense but Marvel has had more watchable movies the DC has ever had. Many DC movies where just plan bad. You couldn't even make any excuses for them. I was at least able to watch Ghostrider and Daredevil without cringing to often but things like Steel, Catwoman, Supergirl and Batman and Robin were atrocious.So I think a Justice League Movie may not be the best thing to do.

HenderShot2222d ago

A Justice League movie would be excellent, but like the Avengers, they need to have all of them perfectly coincide to make the movie awesome. One thing I've always wanted to see was a movie of The Flash. I've always loved the origin story and time period for it.

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