Ryan Reynolds is the Frontrunner to be New Highlander

From TMP:

Lionsgate-Summit Entertainment are still toiling away on their long-gestating Highlander remake. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is still attached to direct and reports are coming in now that the studios are interested in Ryan Reynolds for the lead role.

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Deadpool6161982d ago

That's interesting. I think Thomas Jane would be a excellent choice as well.

darklordzor1982d ago

Yeah, because he does look just like Christopher Lambert. However, I think that's exactly why the studios wouldn't use him. If they want to really reboot it, they wouldn't go for a look alike actor.

Deadpool6161982d ago

I see what you're saying. :)

darklordzor1982d ago

Personally, I say we go with an actual Scottish actor...

KingPin1981d ago

personally i say leave the original alone. its a classic.

its like redoing scarface or repainting the mona lisa.

HenderShot1981d ago

I still can't believe they're remaking RoboCop.