The Avengers Will Hit Blu-Ray/DVD September 25

As The Avengers ravages box office records worldwide, Disney announces the release date for the Blu-Ray/DVD of the hit smash.

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darklordzor2167d ago

That seems...soon. I can't say I'm complaining because seeing it again and again so quickly will be great, but it feels like it needs more time in the theaters.

DarkBlood2167d ago

eh true then again thor came out september and cap america in october

Crazay2166d ago

Ya this is awesome news. Truthfully I like the way movies make it home as fast as they do. I remember back in the 80 and earlier part of the 90s it would sometimes take well over a year to get a movie on VHS and even still they cost anywhere from $79.99 all the way up to $149 for a good 6+ months after their initial home video release.

NewMonday2166d ago

hope its the one with the extra 30min

Soldierone2166d ago

By the time September rolls around, you have so many other movies released and Avengers will be hard to find in a good theater.

plus they probably worked with sony on the spider-man release, or know a time frame TDKR will release and are trying to beat them.

Patriots_Pride2165d ago

Not sure what with all the hype with this movie but it sucked turtle nuts to me and 3D did not help either but to each his own I guess - oh and Xmen first class was a better movie than this piece of donkey poop.

DarkBlood2165d ago

well theres your answer u simply dont like the movie thats why you cant see the hype

Defectiv3_Detectiv32166d ago

Saw it in theaters, it was decent I geuss. The only reason I would revisit this film is to see all of the bonus footage, hopefully it will make for a stronger film.

slaton242165d ago

obvisly not a comic book movie fan seeing how it was announces that this film was a big success and has beaten every movie and in 2 weeks has earned more than 1 billion which had an article on here

Gigawatt252165d ago

3D Blu-ray FTW! 4 viewings for me is good until September.

HenderShot2165d ago

The wait will be worth it.

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