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The Dictator Review - Movies Hate You Too

Movies Hate You Too writes:

There is very little middle ground with American audiences in regard to Sacha Baron Cohen; most people either love him or hate him. The funny thing about the Sacha Baron Cohen haters that I’ve encountered is that many of them have never actually seen one of his movies and/or have him confused with Russell Brand. Equally strange is when someone doesn’t even realize that they’ve actually enjoyed one of his performances which most recently happened with Martin Scorsese’s Hugo. Cohen’s latest film, The Dictator isn’t likely to sway anyone’s opinion of him but to those that enjoy his particular sense of humor they’re in for a hell of a ride.

Admiral General Aladeen is the ruler of the Republic of Wadiya, an oil rich country in Northern Africa. Aladeen rules with an incompetent iron fist but his bolstering has earned the unwanted attention of the world’s democratic superpowers and the UN because of his attempts to build nuclear weapons. On a trip to New York to visit the UN Aladeen is “disfigured” to the point of being unrecognizable during a botched kidnapping and is forced to re-evaluate his life as he struggles to prevent his country from becoming a democracy at the hands of an imposter.

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MySwordIsHeavenly2221d ago

I guess I'll have to see it...


HenderShot2220d ago

I really enjoyed this movie. Granted it's very stupid and offensive, but that's the point. He makes fun of everyone.