Sony Emails Reveal Studio Head Wants Idris Elba For The Next James Bond

13h ago - The Daily Beast Plenty of the Sony emails have focused on Sony’s prized horse—the James Bond f... | Cinema

Marvel Wants Spider-Man Cameos In Avengers: Infinity War I & II

1d 1h ago - CBM: Another email discussing Sony and Marvel's plans for Spider-Man if he is to be included in t... | Cinema

Who Is Captain Phasma In Star Wars: The Force Awakens

1d 6h ago - BAD: When Disney announced the names of the lead characters in Star Wars: The Force Awakens it al... | Cinema

Sony Could Lose $75 Million On 'The Interview'

1d 6h ago - Variety Sony Pictures Entertainment could lose $75 million over the cancellation of its planne... | Cinema

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Screenwriter Says WB Actually Writing Six Wonder Woman Scripts

1d 17h ago - CBM Arash Amel says Warner Bros. didn't just hire Jason Fuchs (Pan) to write their Wonder Woma... | Cinema

Does Marvel Already Have the Rights to “Spider-Man?” Our Source Tells Us Yes

2d ago - An inside source at the Marvel building in New York has confirmed seeing toys with the brand Marv... | Cinema

Viola Davis Bags Amanda Waller Role In 'Suicide Squad'

3d ago - LR The final superhero movie scoop of 2014! Wanted to finish the year off strong with a sco... | Cinema

Could Spider-Man Still Appear In Captain America: Civil War?

3d ago - BAD: Last week Latino Review revealed that Marvel's plan for Spider-Man, were they ever able to f... | Cinema

Walking Dead Spinoff Setting Revealed

3d ago - TV Line The zombie apocalypse is spreading to the Left Coast! One of the key unanswered quest... | TV

Young Actresses Lining Up For Key Role In 'Pirates 5'

4d ago - Variety Sources tell Variety that Disney is looking to test a handful of actresses over the ne... | Cinema

Find Out Superman’s Situation In Batman v Superman

4d ago - BAD I've told you a bunch about Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice*, but not much ab... | Cinema

Sony Leak Reveals Star Wars VIII & IX Will Be "Luke & Leia Storylines"

4d ago - CBM: Based on a leaked email from Sony, Star Wars VIII and IX, which are going to be directed and... | Cinema

Sony Emails Reveal Channing Tatum And Chris Pratt's Plans For 'GhostBusters' Film

5d ago - The Daily Beast Now, emails uncovered by The Daily Beast have revealed that Sony and one of th... | Cinema

Leaked Sony Emails Hint At 'Ghostbusters' Dream Cast

5d ago - MTV Recently, a major hack revealed tons of information about forthcoming Sony Pictures Entert... | Cinema

Marvel Wants A Fresh Start With 'Spider-Man' Without Andrew Garfield

7d ago - LR: We previously reported on the potential deal between Marvel and Sony to share the rights to S... | Cinema

A Vampire Diaries' Star to Play Storm in X-Men Apocalypse?

7d ago - Movie Pilot There has been some speculation as of late as to who will be portraying the young... | Cinema

Spider-Man May Appear in 'Captain America 3,' But Not With Andrew Garfield

7d ago - Mashable: Despite their public protestations to the contrary, it looks like Sony is working with... | Cinema

The 3 Contenders For 'The Ancient One' In Marvel's Doctor Strange

7d ago - Latino Review I've been holding on this information for the last two weeks and now I've been g... | Cinema

New Bond Script Leaks: Execs Scrambling To Fix Awful Ending

7d ago - Gawker According to emails leaked in the Sony hack, the new James Bond movie, Spectre, which b... | Cinema

Russo Bros. Offered To Produce Sony's Spider-Man Films; Will Direct Infinity War

7d ago - CBM The real juicy stuff are from the discussions between Sony Entertainment Chairman Amy Pasc... | Cinema

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The Spider-Man/Marvel Deal is Very Much Alive

9d ago - Latino Review Welcome! This is my weekly column where I talk about superhero movie news, rumor... | Cinema

Sony Plans 'Men In Black' - 'Jump Street' Crossover

9d ago - Sony Pictures has surprising plans for its “Jump Street” and “Men in Black” franchises: Combining... | Cinema

Sony, Marvel Discussed Spider-man Movie Crossover

10d ago - Sony Pictures has considered partnering with Marvel and producing an animated comedy as it looks... | Cinema

Daredevil's Costume is Finalized

10d ago - ComicUI We have a source in New York who happens to actually live with a crew/cast member of t... | VOD

X-Men: Apocalypse - 10 Wild Rumours You Need To Know

10d ago - WC Since the introduction of Apocalypse into the mythos of the X-Men in the 1980s, he has been... | Cinema
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