Arrow Season 3 Ra's al Ghul Character Description Leaks

3d ago - CBN Yesterday saw a batch of new character descriptions for Season 3 of Arrow leak, and now th... | TV

We Know Whose Star Wars Hand JJ Abrams Showed Us

4d ago - From BAD: Our friends at Latino Review just revealed a bunch of info about Star Wars Episode... | Cinema

Star Wars Episode VII's Villains Revealed

6d ago - From LR: First, we cleared up the Stormtrooper situation. Now, we'll reveal something about E... | Cinema

Luthor’s Plan In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Revealed

6d ago - BAD This article is all spoilers. What's the plot of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice*? W... | Cinema

Need Cash? (US Only)

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Which MCU Characters Might we See in Marvel's 'Ant-Man'

7d ago - From LR: Remember when Marvel wanted Edgar Wright to insert more MCU characters into Ant-Man?... | Cinema

New Batman v Superman Details Emerge

8d ago - Geek Tyrant We recently received a tip from an extra who was working on the Detroit set of Zac... | Cinema

Two More 'Lego' Movies Get Release Dates

13d ago - THR Warner Bros. stakes out Memorial Day weekend in 2018 and 2019 for two untitled movies; sou... | Cinema

Rosario Dawson's Daredevil Character Revealed?

14d ago - CBM When it was announced that Sin City's Rosario Dawson had joined the Netflix Daredevil seri... | VOD

Did Empire Magazine Officially Confirm Jason Momoa For Aquaman In Batman v Superman: DoJ

15d ago - CBM There's been plenty rumor flying around that Jason Momoa will be playing Aquaman in the up... | Cinema

'Aquaman' Confirmed In New Batman V. Superman: DOJ Set Report?

16d ago - CBM: Batman On Film have posted a report from the set of Zack Snyder's currently shooting Batman... | Cinema

(Spoiler) Rumored to Cameo in Avengers: Age Of Ultron?

16d ago - CBM: After the surprisingly well-received Guardians of the Galaxy, the next movie on the MCU agen... | Cinema

Where Does Batman Begin In Batman v Superman?

16d ago - BAD Devin reports information about the career of The Batman at the start of the new team-up m... | Cinema

Vince Vaughn Circling True Detective Season 2

17d ago - TV Line: The True Detective Season 2 rumor mill has churned out another name: Vince Vaughn. T... | TV

[Rumor] Emma Stone To Return In ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 3’ As Mary Jane Watson

17d ago - After Sony has announced that "The Amazing Spider-Man 3" will hit the big screen in 2018 and that... | Cinema

Sean Sheamus to Play Darth Vader in Star Wars: Episode VII?

22d ago - From Cinelinx: Well, this is an unexpected rumor. According to a new report, the WWE superst... | Cinema

Guardians Of The Galaxy Mid-Credit Scene Revealed

23d ago - CBM Guardians of the Galaxy has had its press screenings and world premiere, and while none of... | Cinema

‘Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair’ Limited Release Coming Next Year?

23d ago - From Slashfilm: Quentin Tarantino has been promising a release of Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody... | Cinema

Comic-Con Bombshell: WB Wants ‘Batman V Superman’ Scribe Chris Terrio For ‘Justice League’

26d ago - Deadline: Warner Bros hosts its Comic-Con panel tomorrow morning where Batman V Superman: Dawn Of... | Cinema

Joaquin Phoenix Eyed to Star in Marvel's ‘Doctor Strange’

27d ago - From The Wrap: As Marvel finalizes surprises for its Comic-Con panel on Saturday, the rumor mi... | Cinema

Star Wars: It's A McQuarrie Galaxy

27d ago - From LR: Where to begin this week’s collection of Star Wars Material that will mostly just se... | Cinema

Need Cash? (US Only)

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Is The Sinister Six Movie Cancelled?

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Why I Believe Gwendoline Christie’s Star Wars Episode VII Character Was Gender Swapped

30d ago - BAD Warning: major speculation based on a small nugget of information follows. Let's get the n... | Cinema

Simpsons Death Expected to Be Either Krusty or Sideshow Bob

30d ago - CB The season premiere of The Simpsons will feature the death of a recurring character whose v... | TV

Ben Affleck Driven Mad By Batsuit

30d ago - Daily Star Ben Affleck is suffering on the set of the Batman Vs Superman movie as he has to we... | Cinema

Who Will Direct Avengers 3?

31d ago - From BAD: I am pretty sure that Joss Whedon won't direct The Avengers 3. I've heard rumblings... | Cinema
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