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October Contest Details

21d ago ... Another month has passed. Boy where does time go. Well, you all know what that means...time to give away even more cool stuff for free to some lucky members! *****CONTRIBUTOR CONTEST***** We'll be keeping this the same. Top 3 contributors of the month will be rewarded for their effort. This will be decided strictly by the News Score (with New Bonus not counting towards the total to keep the...

September Contest Winners

21d ago ... Here are the list of winners for the month of September: CONTRIBUTOR 1st: Crazay ($75 Amazon gift card) 2nd: RetrospectRealm ($50 Amazon gift card) 3rd: CaptainYesterday ($25 Amazon gift card) COMMENTERS: GrandPrize: cell989 (Hulu Plus subscription) Runners-up (TV season of choice up to $40 value) Defective_Detective alycakes Congratulations to all the winners. Be sure to check...

September Contest Details

51d ago ... A holiday weekend and, most importantly, the start of the 2014 college football season? Hopefully y'all will forgive me for being a day late with this then. But, now that I've managed to pry myself away from the TV long enough (who am I kidding, I have the Miami/Pitt game playing even as I type), let's get to business for the month. *****CONTRIBUTOR CONTEST***** No surprise here. We're goin...

August Contest Winners

51d ago ... Well the month is over, so let's get to giving away some prizes. CONTRIBUTOR: 1st place: Crazay ($75 Amazon gift card) 2nd place: RetrospectRealm ($50 Amazon gift card) 3rd place: CaptainYesterday ($25 Amazon gift card) COMMENT LOTTERY: Grand Prize: DarkBlood Runners-up ($25 Amazon gift card): Foxtrot tgruver Congratulations to everybody who won! Winners will be contacted shor...

August Contest Details

83d ago ... Another month. Another round of contests. This month we're gonna pick it up a bit, though, rather than going with the gift card prizes spread out amongst many. Find out the details below. *****CONTRIBUTOR***** Ok, so I wasn't entirely accurate about the "rather than going with gift card prizes" bit. For contributors this month, we'll still be doing our usual. Kinda. To reward those that...

July Contest Winners

83d ago ... Congratulations to everyone who won this month! You can find the list below. All winners will be contacted by me via PM. CONTRIBUTORS: Crazay ($75 Amazon gift card) RetrospectRealm ($50 Amazon gift card) darklordzor ($25 Amazon gift card) COMMENT LOTTERY: tgruver ($50 Amazon gift card) Porcelain Chicken ($50 Amazon gift card) Hergula ($25 Amazon gift card) dota2champion ($25 Amazon...

July Contest Details

112d ago ... We're going to keep things rolling with spreading the wealth around here. Nothing fancy this month as we seek to reward all of our loyal members. *****CONTRIBUTOR CONTEST***** This month we're extending the love here and giving away prizes to the top 3 contributors of the month. 1st: $75 Amazon gift card 2nd: $50 Amazon gift card 3rd: $25 Amazon gift card *****COMMENT LOTTERY****...

June Contest Winners

112d ago ... We have the winners in for last month. You can check them out below. *****CONTRIBUTOR***** 1st: Crazay (75) 2nd: RetrospectRealm (50) 3rd: Alxe (25) *****COMMENTS***** The Saint (50) aDDicteD (50) Soldierone (25) SilentNegotiator (25) Congratulations to all!

FireTV on TechSpy

139d ago ... Here's something interesting for all you FilmWatchers. As FilmWatchers, we all love our movies and TV. As such, I'm sure most of us have some sort of streaming device/digital media player as one of our outlets to sate our hunger for TV and films. One such device that's popular right now is the recently released Fire TV from Amazon. Over on our sister site, Techspy, Syko has posted a couple o...

June Contest Details

143d ago ... With the big summer movie season upon us, we're going to keep it simple this month and let all you movie lovers choose your own prizes to enjoy this movie season. As such, this month we'll be giving away a bunch of cash to all of our winners. *****CONTRIBUTOR CONTEST***** This month we're extending the love here and giving away prizes to the top 3 contributors of the month. 1st: $75 Ama...

May Contest Winners

143d ago ... Congratulations to this month's winners! CONTRIBUTOR: 1st: Crazay 2nd: RetrospectRealm COMMENT LOTTERY: Grand Prize winner - Simon_Brezhnev Runners up: Alxe Porcelain Chicken aDDicteD Again, congrats to all and be sure to check out this month's contests for more chances to win cool prizes.

Cold in July Review

152d ago ... Cold in July is a new crime thriller from director Jim Mickle and stars Michael C. Hall, Sam Shepard, and Don Johnson. It's a dark and sometimes violent indie neo-noir movie, and it's pretty good. It's about a rather timid man named Richard (Hall) who shoots a burglar in his home in self defense, and, consequently, becomes stalked by the burglar's ex-convict father (Shepard) bent on revenge....

Enemy Review

153d ago ... Enemy, the new movie from Denis Villeneuve, director of last year's Prisoners, is mysterious, weird, menacing, and kind of fantastic. It stars Jake Gyllenhaal, also the star of Prisoners, as a depressed, unfulfilled history professor who does not seem to do anything but give lectures and have a casual fling with Mary, played by Melanie Laurent. One night, he discovers he has a doppleganger...

May Contest Details

173d ago ... Here we are in another month, which means another round of prizes. This month we're going to keep the special prizes going. Read on to find out what cool stuff we have in store for you this month. Hint: It may include some special memorabilia from the Godfather of Modern Comics. *****CONTRIBUTOR CONTEST***** 1st place: $75 Amazon gift card 2nd place: $50 Amazon gift card *****COMMENT...

April Contest Winners

173d ago ... Congratulations to all of last month's winners! You can check out the list below. *****CONTRIBUTOR***** 1st: Crazay ($75 Amazon gift card) 2nd: Retrospect Realm ($50 Amazon gift card) *****COMMENTS***** Grand Prize: dota2champion (Captain America statue) Runners up ($25 Amazon gift card): alycakes StarWarsFan Congrats again to all of you.

April Contest Details

204d ago ... Well I'm glad to say that April Fool's Day has come and gone and we didn't have to deal with an utter fiasco of prank stories on here. Gotta admit, I'm almost proud of how much more mature this community is than some. But enough with the pansy, feel-good stuff. That's not what y'all came here for, right? What you came here for is prizes. So let's get to it. We have a nice surprise for y'all...

March Contest Winners

204d ago ... Congratulations to last month's winners, which you can find below. CONTRIBUTORS: Crazay ($75 Amazon gift card) RetrospectRealm ($50 Amazon gift card) COMMENTERS: Hergula ($50 Amazon gift card) LukeLAD ($50 Amazon gift card) CursedHero ($25 Amazon gift card) Defective Detective ($25 Amazon gift card) Soldierone ($25 Amazon gift card) Be sure to check this month's contests for mor...

Mirai Nikki Factual Review

212d ago ... Story Mirai Nikki is an anime that will creep you out in one way or another. The story is simple but gets surprisingly deep with tons of twists as well. The premise is that there’s 12 people who are selected by the god Deus to play a game, Deus is dying and must select someone to pass his powers of time and space onto someone, these 12 people must kill each other to become god. But here’s t...

The Two Sides of Reboots/Remakes

230d ago ... Introduction Okay! So first I’m going to give examples and then I’m going to explain at the end of both sides of the argument of reboots/remakes of movies and games. 2013 Tomb Raider The Tomb Raider reboot of 2013 is actually the second reboot of the franchise but is considered an entire retcon of the series since it’s a prequel and the title is just Tomb Raider. Anyway, the Tomb Raider...

February Contest Winners

233d ago ... Well the results are in. Without further ado, you can check out the winners below. *****CONTRIBUTOR CONTEST***** 1st: Crazay 2nd: Retrospect Realm *****COMMENT LOTTERY***** 1st: Hergula 2nd: ------ 3rd: ironfist92 *****OSCAR PREDICTION***** And the big deal of the month...people did pretty darn well this year. We had several that correctly predicted 20+ of the 24 categories. In t...
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