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Five Reasons a Deadwood Revival Is Totally a Good Idea

12h ago - TVOM: "Yes, this is a quasi-sequel of sorts to yesterday’s post about how Full House coming back... | Culture

21 Songs That Made Movie Scenes Great

13h ago - An often unappreciated element of film-making, the right song choices can create timeless emotion... | Culture

5 Things We Want To See in a Black Panther Movie

19h ago - CB: While no formal announcement has been made, a Black Panther movie has reportedly been on the... | Cinema

8 ‘Family Films’ That Are Actually Horror Movies

20h ago - It’s no secret that many children’s films contain some dark or edgy moments, but there’s quite a... | Culture

Need Cash? (US Only)

Now - How would it feel to have your money struggles solved by this time tomorrow? We give fast loans from $100-$10,000+, and repayment terms up to 60 mo... | Promoted post

Great British Series You May Not Have Heard of

20h ago - 8 great British series that ARE available in North America. | VOD

Should Robin Williams Get A Tribute In Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice?

21h ago - CB: Earlier tonight, Billy Crystal gave a touching tribute to his friend Robin Williams at the 66... | Culture

Five Reasons Full House Returning to TV is a Bad Idea

1d 16h ago - TVOM: "There’s news today that the rumored Full House reboot may be more than just a rumor after... | Culture

Film Class Junkies' 2014 Summer Movie Report Card

1d 16h ago - The Film Class Junkies list all their summer reviews, ranking the worst to the best. What do you... | Cinema

10 Amazing Things About Layer Cake

1d 18h ago - It’s the tenth anniversary of Layer Cake today, and Matthew Vaughn’s slick, sophisticated gangste... | Culture

Is ‘True Detective’ Overrated?

1d 19h ago - Boston Globe: "It happens. Every so often, everyone you know is obsessed with a TV show, and you... | TV

30 Most Dangerous Movie Cities

1d 19h ago - TF: A dark, brooding cityscape, Gotham’s streets are cluttered with every type of villainy imagin... | Culture

Directors' Trademarks: Steven Spielberg

1d 19h ago - From Cinelinx: No director is as well known, nor has had as much success in Hollywood as Stev... | Culture

Why DC's Serious 'Superman v. Batman' May Give Marvel The Big-Screen Edge

1d 20h ago - HitFix "No jokes." Last week was about the fifth time I've heard that there is a mandate at... | Cinema

20 Coolest Fake Movie Bands

1d 22h ago - TF brings us their list of the 20 Coolest fake movie bands. | Culture

Top 10 Tuesday: American Characters, British Actors

2d ago - The 10 best American characters hijacked by British job thieves. | TV

Guardians of the Galaxy: Why I Cried During the Climax

2d ago - CB: Yeah, I cried. I’m man enough to admit it. Now when I say cried, I don’t mean blubbering all... | Cinema

Unamazing: How Sony Has Sabotaged Spider-Man

2d ago - Looking into why Sony's treatment of Spider-Man in their feature films may have sabotaged the fra... | Cinema

Ranking The Top 10 Female Characters From Marvels Cinematic Universe

2d ago - CBM: The Marvel Cinematic Universe might be awash with hammer wielding, shield throwing, eye patc... | Culture

True Blood Series Finale – Was This Ending Worse Than Dexter?

2d ago - AMHNetwork writer Glenn Johnston talks about the finale to True Blood, even questioning its exist... | TV

6 Things We Want to See in Guardians of the Galaxy 2

2d ago - Ross Everman of Fully 'Avin It writes: We couldn’t really have asked more from Guardian’s of the... | Cinema

Get paid to review products

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50 Reasons Why Mary Poppins Is An All Time Classic

2d ago - It’s a jolly holiday with Mary, as WOW247 celebrates the 50th anniversary of the beloved Disney m... | Culture

True Detective’s Loss In The Emmys Was A Spectacular Snub

2d ago - True Detective’s snub at the Emmy Awards was a monumental misjudgement, argues Nick Mitchell. | Culture

15 Things You Didn’t Know about Brooklyn Nine-Nine

2d ago - TVOM: "Brooklyn Nine-Nine ended it hilarious first season in March of this year. Fans of the sitc... | TV

Why The Winter Soldier And The Amazing Spider-Man Prove We Don't Need Any More Origin Story Movies

2d ago - CBM: Hit the jump to read why we, as a film audience, no longer need any more origin story movies... | Culture

Five Seasons Of TV to Catch Up on Once Summer Ends

3d ago - TVOM: "It’s been a strange summer for me. As I’ve been moving across the country for the better p... | Culture
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