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9 Stars Of Fortitude You'll Know From Doctor Who

40m ago - WC Like Broadchurch, the North Sea spanning show has dipped heavily into the pool of talent wh... | Culture

The Nine Best Movie Shootouts

40m ago - Kotaku Bang! Bang! For years now, movie makers have been thrilling audiences with blazes of bu... | Culture

41 Reasons Christian Bale Is Your Favorite Batman

41m ago - MTV Happy birthday, Christian Bale! The best Batman ever turns 41 today. And don’t even bother... | Culture

10 TV Shows From The ’90s That Totally Overused The Word “Totally”

41m ago - WC The 1990s were, like, totally awesome dude and a hell of a lot of memorable television was... | Culture

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Ring in the new year with gift cards. Check out details on Filmwatch. | Promoted post

Owen Wilson: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked

41m ago - WC A mellow mop-top and the proud owner of the most knobbly nose in America, Owen Wilson has b... | Culture

8 Different Versions Of Star Wars Episode VII That Were Almost Made

41m ago - WC Episode VII, a movie anticipated since Return Of The Jedi in 1983, will finally arrive late... | Cinema

8 Best Movies That Begin With Ending

4h ago - The traditional structure for a story to follow is in chronological order; to start at the beginn... | Culture

Game Of Thrones Season 5 Trailer: Five Questions Raised

12h ago - CB: While HBO has yet to officially debut it online, the Game of Thrones Season 5 trailer, which... | TV

Why Hannibal’s Delay Is a Good Thing

12h ago - TVOM: "Last week, there was a collective scream from Hannibal fans when it was announced by NBC t... | TV

Why FX Is the Best Cable Network on TV

12h ago - TVOM: "About a month ago, I wrote a piece about why I believe The CW is the best broadcast networ... | TV

It's 2015, Where Are My 3 Seashells?

12h ago - From Cinelinx: The future according to Demolition Man may have been a bleak false utopia, but... | Culture

8 Most Terrifying Clowns In Movie History

13h ago - WOW247: "Coulrophobics beware – you’re in for a scare! "Yes, nothing makes the spine tingle qu... | Culture

Why The Leaked Ted 2 Trailer Is Funnier Than The Actual One

13h ago - WOW247: "The official trailer for Seth MacFarlane’s comedy sequel Ted 2 has now been released onl... | Cinema

The Highest-Grossing Movies Worldwide of 2014

15h ago - MuliInformer: Everyone is crazy to know about the highest movies of 2014. Let’s take a look back... | Culture

Captain America: Civil War - 10 Amazing Comic Book Moments It Must Include

17h ago - WC While Captain America: The Winter Soldier had a big impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe... | Cinema

9 Movie Villains Who Are Actually Just Misunderstood

17h ago - WOW247: "Did you ever stop to think that maybe we got these villains wrong? That maybe we fell fo... | Culture

Ranking January 2015's Movies From Worst To Best

17h ago - WC Aside from awards fare expanding from limited to wide release, January is always referred t... | Culture

CeX's 5 Most Anticipated Movies of 2015

17h ago - CeX- No one is disputing that 2014 wasn't a great year for movies. Boyhood, The Grand Budapest Ho... | Cinema

7 Saddest Deaths In Animated Movies

1d 9h ago - This list includes some of the best animated movies of all time. Every of these movies contain... | Culture

20 Indie Movies That Will Rule 2015

1d 11h ago - WC The appeal of upcoming mega-blockbusters like Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Avengers: Ag... | Indie film

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

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10 Things That Seem Very Strange About The 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' Pilot

1d 11h ago - Bustle: "It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is an interesting animal. It’s the sort of show where... | TV

What Does The Ending Of Ex Machina Really Mean?

1d 11h ago - WC 2015 could very well be the year of Artificial Intelligence. Avengers: Age Of Ultron sees E... | Cinema

The Best of the Best ‘Friends’ Season 9 Episodes

1d 11h ago - TVOM: "It is hard to believe we are already in the ninth week of our quest to give our readers a... | TV

10 Best Roles From The World’s Worst Actors

1d 14h ago - WC: It’s never nice to be disappointed by a reliable or well loved actor, but even Hollywood roya... | Culture

20 Fascinating Films About Alcoholism

1d 16h ago - WC: For many people, alcohol is just an everyday part of life, whether you’re having a cold beer... | Culture
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