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Closing The Generational Gap Through Film

1h ago - Motion Picture Prejudice Those of you who are reading this right now, how many of you are doin... | Culture

Hugh Jackman: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked

3h ago - WC Hugh Jackman didn’t so much fall backwards into being a huge Hollywood star as pirouetted.... | Culture

9 Deleted Scenes That Totally Change How You View Famous Characters

3h ago - WC There’s few things in movie fandom more alluring than deleted scenes. A little glimpse at w... | Culture

The Big Twist in This Week’s The 100 Made No Earthly Amount Of Sense

5h ago - TVOM: "The 100 continues to be one of my favorite sleeper shows on TV in its second season, as th... | TV

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Check out here how you can win awesome prizes with us over at Filmwatch. | Promoted post

Why Race Should Not Make The Man Behind Spider-Man

7h ago - Motion Picture Prejudice That Spider-man need be a masculine young adult has never been in qu... | Cinema

Is Minority Representation The Pathway To Success?

7h ago - Motion Picture Prejudice It has seemed to become common knowledge that minorities are inadequ... | Culture

13 Most Badass Movie Weapons

7h ago - WOW247: "Some of cinema’s most well-known characters would be nothing without their trusted weapo... | Culture

10 Actors Who Only Gave Great Performances Because They Got Drunk

9h ago - WC In order to perform at their best, actors need to remain sharp and focused. In Hollywood es... | Culture

8 Longest Movies Worth to Watch

10h ago - Extremely lengthy movies seems to be annoying but there are some movies that are totally worth to... | Culture

11 Greatest Final Lines In Film History

10h ago - WOW247: "All great films deserve a great ending – but sometimes a defining closing shot is not en... | Culture

9 Terrible Life Lessons Kids Films Taught Us

10h ago - WOW247: "Childhood is a time of learning. There isn’t another stage in anyone’s life when they ar... | Culture

15 Terrible Looking 2015 Movies That Will Shockingly Make A Profit

15h ago - WC A movie’s quality sadly has no real bearing on whether or not it makes money. Sure, often a... | Culture

10 Films That Are Smarter Than You Think

15h ago - WC Films are rarely skin deep. Like skin, except instead of applying expensive moisturisers to... | Culture

Oscars 2016: 20 Films That Will Be Major Players

15h ago - WC It’s futile at this point to try and predict – as some already are doing – exactly who and... | Culture

Avengers: Age Of Ultron - 9 Important Things Hidden In The New Trailer

18h ago - WC Yesterday the corporate overlords smiled upon us all. After getting eager beavers to tweet... | Cinema

5 Horror and Thriller Films to Look Out for at TIFF 2015

1d 1h ago - Overmental: The Toronto International Film Festival isn’t generally known for its genre fare (it’... | Cinema

WWE Killing New Talent- The Ascension

1d 4h ago - Hyper Focused Media's Carl Williams writes, "The Ascension tag team are obviously going for the o... | VOD

The Best ‘Saved by the Bell’ Season 4 Episodes

1d 4h ago - TVOM: "The excitement has finally died down after Jimmy Fallon hosted a reunion of sorts with the... | TV

All the Avengers Age of Ultron Trailers So Far - There's Plenty More to Discover

1d 8h ago - Clickonline writes: "What I'm really saying is that there's a whole lot still to discover in a fi... | Cinema

10 Things Marvel Wants You To Forget About Daredevil

1d 8h ago - WC You’re about to see a lot more of Matt Murdock. Even if he doesn’t see a whole lot of you.... | Culture

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

X-Men: 15 Deleted Scenes Every Fan Needs To See

1d 8h ago - WC Back in 2000, no one could have guessed how popular the X-Men movies were going to become.... | Culture

10 Horror Films That Ripped Off Scooby Doo

1d 8h ago - WC It’s a simple formula: some teenagers, a monster, several confrontations and a chase climax... | Culture

When Is It Better Not To Binge-Watch Shows?

1d 8h ago - TVOM: "We all know that we live in the age of binge-watching. The dawn of Netflix changed everyth... | Culture

27 Notable Moments in New Avengers Trailer

1d 8h ago - IGN: With the third Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer hitting, we got a bunch of new stuff to sink... | Cinema

Avengers: Age of Ultron: Our Five Favorite Moments From The New Trailer

1d 8h ago - CB: So, that Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. Pretty crazy, huh? Marvel’s third (and likely final... | Cinema
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