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Marvel vs DC: We Need DC Films to go Dark for Better Comic-Book Stories

2h ago - The Web Graffiti: "Marvel vs DC is what every comic-book fanboy is talking about mainly due to th... | Cinema

Top 5 Films Featuring Philip Seymour Hoffman

9h ago - LRA writes: These are just some of my favorite films that Philip Seymour Hoffman, the actor an... | Culture

Insurgent 2015: Sci-fi Series, Preview

9h ago - Calling all aficionados of science fiction action films! Are you still catching your breath after... | TV

10 Epic Challenges Toy Story 4 Faces

1d 6h ago - WC Though it was announced shortly after the release of Pixar’s 2010 masterpiece Toy Story 3 t... | Cinema


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10 Glaring Plot Holes You Didn't Realise The Movie Actually Solved

1d 7h ago - WC If there’s one thing people love to do more than enjoying movies it’s tearing them to shred... | Culture

A Countdown of the 5 Best Space Films of All Time

1d 13h ago - Space is no longer a new frontier in Hollywood. From the 1902 production ‘A Trip to the Moon’ to... | Cinema

Donald Sutherland: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked

1d 14h ago - WC You just have to love Donald Sutherland’s voice, it’s almost as unmistakable as the fumes f... | Culture

10 Biggest Mistakes In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

1d 14h ago - WC Is Guardians Of The Galaxy far enough behind us now to mention that it had some flaws? Bef... | Culture

Star Wars Episode VII: 7 Possibilities for Where We'll See the First Trailer

2d ago - 8CN: Last week, rumors circulated that Disney had attached the first teaser for Star Wars: The Fo... | Cinema

16 Terrible Life Lessons From The Movies

2d ago - People learn a lot from the movies, so you’d think film-makers would be a bit more careful when d... | Culture

‘Gotham’ Needs To Use These Batman Villains

2d ago - Gotham has introduced us to younger versions of notable villains in the Batman universe. Even tho... | TV

6 Actors Who Could Play Brainiac in the Justice League Movie

2d ago - The Point of Geeks list 6 actors that should get consideration to play, Brainiac, the rumored vil... | Cinema

Was Cheers Season 5 The Worst Season?

2d ago - TVOM: "When people talk about the worst season of Cheers (which yes, I realize is a conversation... | TV

Should We Be Worried About Community Season 6?

2d ago - TVOM: "Ever since the Season 2 episode of Community, “Paradigms of Human Memory,” fans have been... | TV

Top 7 Animated Sequels

2d ago - Not all dogs go to heaven nor are all animated sequels created equal. Nerds on the Rocks takes a... | Culture

Predictions for House of Cards Season 3

2d ago - TVOM: "We still have no idea when we might see Frank Underwood return in House of Cards season 3,... | VOD

10 Obscure 2014 Films You Need To See

2d ago - WC 2014 was an exceptional year for blockbusters. Marvel proved that their superhero films wer... | Culture

10 Things That Would Make You Excited For DC’s Cinematic Universe

2d ago - WC DC’s Cinematic Universe was launched with Man Of Steel, and unlike Marvel’s ever expanding... | Cinema

10 Great Low Budget Movies Which Cleaned Up At The Box Office

2d ago - WC As a general rule of thumb, the bigger the blockbuster, the bigger the budget. After spendi... | Culture

10 Scenes That Would Ruin Star Wars 7

2d ago - WC It might have wrapped production and been given an official title, but it still doesn’t fee... | Cinema

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12 Things That Interstellar Got Right

2d ago - WC After a long and exciting built-up to the release of Christopher Nolan’s first flick since... | Cinema

12 Movies Christopher Nolan Should Make Next

2d ago - WC With Christopher Nolan’s latest sci-fi opus Interstellar now out in the wild, fans have alr... | Culture

Video Games That Would Make Great TV Series

3d ago - In the ‘Golden Age’ of TV, we’ve already witnessed the unlikely fact that great movies can turn i... | Culture

MenStuff’s Top 5 Action Movies Of 2014 (So Far)

3d ago - 2014 has already been jam-packed with some man-tastic action movies – more so than any other year... | Culture

15 Kids TV Shows That Will Take You Back To Saturday Mornings In The 90s

3d ago - Open the Cheetos, flick on the TV and feast your eyes on these classic childhood memories. Here's... | Culture
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