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7 Things That Should Definitely Happen In Zoolander 2

1d 10h ago - WOW247: "The movie has just had its London premiere, and although we’ve had a few sneak peeks at... | Cinema

10 Black, Minority And Ethnic Actors Who Should Have Made The Oscar Cut This Year

1d 13h ago - We Got This Covered Every year, the Oscar nominations bring controversy. A seemingly surefire... | Culture

How Tarantino’s Overindulgent Filmmaking Ruined ‘The Hateful Eight’

2d ago - MenStuff: "People out there may crucify me, but I have a massive love/hate relationship with Quin... | Cinema

7 Worst Superhero Movies

2d ago - MenStuff: "Let’s all be honest here – while some may complain that we’re just being fed one super... | Culture

Why the Coen Brothers Are Our Most American Filmmakers

2d ago - Collider Joel Coen and Ethan Coen—affectionately known to cineastes as the Coen Brothers—have... | Culture

My Top 6 Favorite Disney Animated Films (As of 2016)

2d ago - Moviepilot Disney has created so many amazing movies for the last century. It's so hard to bel... | Culture

Count/Counterpoint: Best TV Show of 2015

3d ago - Amanda Hogan from Film Takeout writes: "Once 30 Rock ended, it seemed like nothing Tina Fey di... | Culture

15 Best Charlize Theron Movies of All Time

3d ago - Chillopedia: South African by birth, an American actress and a fashion model, Charlize Theron is... | Culture

A Great Villain Must Not Be Forgotten: MCU Antagonists Revisited

3d ago - Moviepilot We have heard it before: the biggest issue with the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)... | Culture

6 Flicks Picks for February 2016 Movie Release Schedule

3d ago - Fanboys Anonymous breaks down the films coming out in February 2016 and chooses the top 6 to see... | Cinema

Why Smallville Was The Best TV Experience

3d ago - Moviepilot This article is probably the most personal I've had the chance to write. I thought... | TV

Why All The Replacement Wolverine Casting Choices Are Terrible

3d ago - Moviepilot Hugh Jackman first portrayed Wolverine in the original X-Men (2000). Since then, he... | Culture

Do We Really Need Another Bridget Jones Story?

3d ago - Moviepilot I love a good rom-com. I really, really do. When I heard that Bridget Jones was hav... | Cinema

Why 2016 Is Going To Bring Out The Nostalgia In All Parents

3d ago - Moviepilot 2016 is bringing us spin-offs, sequels, and prequels. Which is normal nowadays for... | Culture

Man Seeking Woman: The Most Honest Show About Relationships

3d ago - Moviepilot Are you watching Man Seeking Woman? If not, you need to start now. The show, based... | TV

Why Batman V Superman May Be a Very Real Knightmare For Batfleck

3d ago - Moviepilot He's faster than a speeding bullet. He's more powerful than a locomotive. He can le... | Cinema

The Marketing's Been Fun, But Just How Good Can We Expect Deadpool To Be?

3d ago - CB Deadpool hits theatres next week! It’s hard to believe we’ve even reached this point. For a... | Cinema

The 30 Best Movies on Amazon Prime

3d ago - GR It's crazy to think that we live in a world with a plethora of options for beaming movies s... | VOD

9 Film Projects That Were Rewritten to Become Sequels

3d ago - From Cinelinx: We recently saw the release of the trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane, which star... | Culture

8 Superman Supporting Characters That We Need To See In His Next Movie

3d ago - We Got This Covered When Warner Bros. announced the slate for their DC Films Universe, the lon... | Culture

Top 5 Games To Play - February 2016

Now - It's time to see what this month has to offer... Here's Your Top 5 Games To Play In February 2016... | Promoted post

Doctor Who: 10 Deleted Scenes You Have To See

4d ago - WC One of the most exciting things about getting your hands on a complete Doctor Who DVD (or B... | Culture

Why The DC Extended Universe Will Reign Supreme

4d ago - Screenrant 2016, it’s safe to say, is the single most important year yet for the comic book mo... | Culture

8 Alternate Versions Of Spider-Man We Need To See On The Big Screen

4d ago - We Got This Covered While Marvel no doubt already have big plans for Spidey’s role in The Aven... | Culture

8 R-Rated Comic Book Movies We Need To See After Deadpool

4d ago - WC Comic book movies might be more popular now than ever before, but the genre is already runn... | Culture

9 Awesome Things For Film Lovers To Look Forward To In February

5d ago - WOW247 We’re in the heart of Awards season, so you know what the means: loads of acclaimed mov... | Culture
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